Our Current Fleet

Lunar operates five fishing vessels, 2 Pelagic Trawlers, Lunar Bow and Pathway, two Whitefish Trawlers, Harvester and Ocean Harvest, one Whitefish Seiner, Tranquility and one Purse Seiner, Dual Venture in Nova Scotia, Canada. Fish landed to the Lunar facilities are kept at premium quality by modern and efficient chilling equipment on-board. Full traceability to the end user of processed products is ensured in this operation. Lunar has quota for herring, mackerel, blue whiting and whitefish.

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Lunar Bow PD 265
  • Species: Pelagic
    Length: 80 m
    Tonnage: 3439 t
    Horse Power: 6100
    Year Built: 2020
    Yard Link:
Pathway PD 165
Ocean Harvest PD 198
Harvester PD 98
Tranquility PD 35
Dual Venture