Lunar FPO

Lunar Fishing Company formed its own “in-house” Producers Organisation in September 2009 with official recognition to EU requirements being granted by the Scottish Government in March 2010.

Lunar Fish Producers Organisation (Lunar FPO) manages the quota allocations of the Lunar fleet of vessels; the projected landings for 2016 total over 55,000 tonnes of fish, half of which will be mackerel. With the sister company Lunar Freezing and Cold Storage Ltd absorbing all the pelagic landings, Lunar FPO looks after the first-stage sales of the whitefish landed by Lunar vessels.

Lunar FPO is an active member several industry groupings including the European Association of Fish Producer Organisations (EAPO), the Scottish Association of Fish producer Organisations (SAFPO) and the Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Action Group (SFSAG).The latter group co-ordinates the certification of Scottish whitefish fisheries to MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards; fisheries already certified include North Sea haddock and saithe. The MSC certification for Scottish pelagic fisheries is handled by the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group and both the main mackerel and herring fisheries are either certified or are undergoing assessment.